Deborah and Brian’s Wedding

Deborah and Brian’s Wedding

Rain can symbolize many things, for wedding day’s it’s known for good luck and brings new beginnings. These things are what you want for your wedding day, but then why do so many people wish it away?  It’s so incredibly easy to let things worry you on a day as significant as a wedding, but sometimes the most magical moments occur when we just let go and let life happen.

Deborah and Brian’s rainy wedding was the epitome of how beautiful a day can be when you focus on each other and let your love for each other takeover. With every spurt of rain outside it was so easy for them to complain, but not once did we hear it, or read anything but excitement on their faces. Deb and Brian’s happiness was catching, these two made it impossible not to feel their joy!  

Their day was a true Adirondack wedding through and through. It was clear to see how much the mountains mean to Deb and Brian, and we loved going back to Deb’s parents camp on Fourth lake where we shared their very sweet engagement session almost one year before. This time, instead of hanging out with the couple together in Eagle Bay, they got ready separately, until the time came to exchange vows at Big Moose Chapel. From now on I know this adorable chapel will hold a tender place in my heart because of Deb and Brian’s ceremony. We already knew that this was going to be one where multiple handkerchiefs were needed, just by the reaction to the morning love note exchange. Guess what? Even Tom exclaimed that his heart “melted” at the vows. So, let me set the scene because this was just the sweetest! As Deb and Brian held hands at the altar, the rain outside was dancing on the roof, and the room was glowing in the candlelight. The acoustics in the church were so strong that as vows were exchanged, you could hear every quiver in their voices, and the tear that ran down debs cheek, so sweet! What does every serious romantic moment need you ask? Comedic relief! Lucky for us, that came twice, in the form of a name change from Deb to Susan, and sometimes wedding bands decided to shrink right as you have to put them on each other! Nonetheless, all these emotions made for one awesome roller coaster!

Following the ceremony, it was time for the portrait session, and to our surprise, the rain, like a faucet, just shut off, and we were greeted with the sunshine!  I love when things like that happen, it was meant to be for Deb and Brian! If that wasn’t a sweet enough surprise, there was a boat full of strangers that cruised by waving and shouting the good wishes to newlyweds that cracked us all up!

The View Arts Center in Old Forge is where the party started. The gallery walls were covered in so much gorgeous artwork, and the reception hall matched in beauty! We loved the lake themed table’s and I was head over heels for their wedding cake, (how cute are those mini Adk chair toppers?)  Deb and Brian had one epic reception, I’ve come out of their wedding learning the newest and coolest dance moves, (the invisible jump rope) and personally never have seen 90’s boy bands sung with such passion! An unforgettable day that Tom and I were entirely grateful to be a part of!

Congratulations Deb and Brian, wishing you both the happiest future together!